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NBC Live with Scott Cohen

NBC-Live: We now welcome to the chat

NBC-Live: ~*~ Scott Cohen ~*~

NBC-Live: You may remember him from

NBC-Live: "Jacob's Ladder" and "The

NBC-Live: Mambo Kings."

NBC-Live: Scott is starring as Wolf in

NBC-Live: "The 10th Kingdom."

NBC-Live: Welcome, Scott!

Scott: Hey, everybody! Glad you are here.

fuzzy_wuzzy: In "The 10th Kingdom" your character, Wolf, is part man and part wolf. What was it like playing this role?

Scott: It was very, very fulfilling and challenging playing this role. It was a part of a lifetime.

Marty-guest: What's the most difficult aspect of being a 'celebrity'?

Scott: I am glad you think I am a celebrity. LOL. But I think that the difficult thing is being seen as your character and not as a human being.

ms_balloon-guest: Are you the "Red Riding Hood" wolf or the "Snow White" wolf?

Scott: I would say that I am closer to the "Red Riding Hood" wolf, because my conflict in the entire story is whether or not to eat my love interest, Virginia, or make love to her.

Kellie: Scott, how is this a deviation from your previous roles? Will you be branching out more in the future?

Scott: I certainly hope so, Kellie. It is different and I do hope that people see that I have the opportunity to play roles similar to Wolf in the future. Rich, complex characters.

georgiapeach: Scott, how does your character interact with the other players?

Scott: I basically guide Virginia and Tony through their journey and try to lead them to their destiny. At the same time I am madly in love with Virginia, for a wolf mates for life and Virginia is his one and only love.

Siggie-guest: Scott, how long did you have to spend in makeup everyday to become Wolf?

Scott: None. I had no make-up, as you will see when you watch.

NBC-Live: Thanks, Scott, for chatting with us.

Scott: Bye, everyone. Thank you for having me

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