Disclaimer...this is important stuff!

This site is made purely for the intention of letting fans of Scott Cohen know a little more about him. I do not know Mr. Cohen personally. If Mr. Cohen or his agent, associate, etc. come across this site and find information that they wish to be taken down, I will do so, providing they can give me accurate proof that Mr. Cohen himself wants the afforementioned down.

Do not send me eMails asking for Mr. Cohen's address. I do not know him. Nor do I wish to recieve eMails containing personal ads to send on to Mr. Cohen. Again...I DO NOT KNOW HIM. My eMail address is put on this site solely for the purpose of gaining more information about Mr. Cohen from the public. I already recieve about 100 eMails a day, and I do not need any more cluttering up my mailbox containing content that is inappropriate even for a porno site. This is not a porno site. The message board is to be used for relaxation purposes, not to tell everyone how much you want Mr. Cohen so bad. All material inappropriate for the board, including graphic sexual references, inappropriate or crude language, and harassment of any member of this forum, will be promptly deleted, and it will cause me to start giving out passwords.

Please, act human. Remember that Mr. Cohen is an actor. Most likely he is nothing like his characters he plays. Keep that in mind. Give him the respect he deserves.