Jacobs Ladder Plot Line

The Plot Line

A biiiig thank you to Vannessa for writing this review for me! Where would I be without you? *g*

Jacob’s Ladder is an interesting movie, a little of a suspense/thriller. I have had others describe it to me as a horror, though I would not dub itas such. It is about an Vietnam veteran, Jacob Singer (Played by TimRobbins, better known as the lead actor Andy Dufresne on Shawshank Redemption and also in Mission to Mars, now out in theaters) who starts seeing‘demons’. He discovers a few things about what might have happened in Vietnam, Iwon’t go into details incase you haven’t seen it and plan on seeing it.

One scene in the movie includes Scott Cohen, in fact the Scott Cohenscene lasts 2 minutes and he has like 9 lines. He plays a hospital orderlythat is trying to diagnose what is wrong with Jacob Singer. Though his partwas not extensive, Scott was still charming.

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