About the Character...Wolf
The 10th Kingdom

Scott as Wolf

Born in the second kingdom, Wolf spent his cub-hood in the wilds of Red riding Hood forest. Being known as the half-wolf grandson of Little Red Riding Hood wasn’t easy for Wolf and he spent his childhood straddled between the world of the wolves, and the human world.

Wolf was rebellious in school but managed to excel in track and field events because of his great speed. He is known throughout the nine kingdoms for his voracious appetite and keen sense of smell.

Wolf did hard time in the Snow White Memorial Prison for sheep poaching, but has reportedly been making an effort to turn his life around. He has recently been seen in the company of newcomer to the nine kingdoms, Virginia Lewis, and has been reading self-improvement books such as “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.”

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Taken from The 10th Kingdom Official Site.